Welcome to Thinkhouse was launched in Spring 2017 and holds a library of the best and most innovative research pieces, policy publications and case studies that propose ways to increase the amount and quality of the UK's housing stock and the related economic, social and community benefits of doing this. Scroll down to read about how we curate the reports or click on the links above. 

The site is curated by an independent editorial panel. They select publications, review and write the brief introductory headlines and help develop and publicise the site. The objective is to provide easy access to a few key pieces, which are sorted by year, to help those who are interested in understanding how we can build more and better homes and communities. The Editorial Panel will also write a review for many of the selected reports.  The repository section holds reports that we have not yet reviewed or were not selected.  

The site has no ties to or funding from any interest or political group and reports are selected solely on merit. If you think we add value please help share what we are doing with our target users, suggest reports we should cover and submit your own reviews.

The Editorial Panel

The panel manage Thinkhouse

Our Ed. Panel have a mix of skills, backgrounds and experience in housing. They share a desire to see more and better homes built. The panel is chaired by Thinkhouse's founder Richard Hyde. Click on the drop down link under 'About' to view panel members. 

The latest addition to the site

Moving on - the lastest report on homelessness from Crisis.

This report published, in October 2017, has been included in the Repository section and awaits assessment and review from the Editorial Panel.

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The easiet way to get hold of us and on twitter @thinkhouseinfo.